Since London Creative Designs is a team of millennials, we are always on point with trend and love to keep things modern and slick. Of course, we don’t judge you if you want to go a bit more retro with your designs, but we will always be able to help guide you on what’s “in” right now, so that you can keep up with the Joneses.


Creative is our middle name! It is, literally, our middle name! So, if you’ve got no idea what you want to do with your website or your branding, fear not…leave it all up to us to provide some kick-ass designs. Even if you know what you want, we’re happy to provide further design inspiration if you need it.


We may have a team of developers, who seem to have a bad rep for being coding geeks with no personality. But the team at London Creative Designs is not like that. We’re one of the friendliest bunches around! Get in touch with us any time to see! Pick up the phone, send a tweet, or even drop by! You’re always welcome!

Our teachers all have several years’ international teaching experience and the relevant qualifications. Our teachers have also producing leading work in their fields.