About Introduction to WordPress

Our Introduction to WordPress course covers all the essentials of the WordPress dashboard and teaches you how to set up themes, plugins, posts and pages yourself. It will cover all the main features of WordPress without touching on coding. It will also cover some parts of SEO and WordPress security.

Who is this course for?

This Introduction to WordPress course is designed for anyone who is interested in building or maintaining their own WordPress website. It is also ideal for marketing managers who will look after client sites and want to know their way around.

If you already have a WordPress website and want to know more about it, this course could be useful too, but it will also cover a lot of things you may not be interested in. Private lessons (link to a new page – private events) may be more suitable for you.

Benefits of this course

Not only will you have great WordPress knowledge, but you will be able to manage your own website and not have to rely on other developers. Each of our courses are limited to small numbers, so that you get an intimate and effective teaching experience. This course also comes with some freebies:
– Free domain
– Free hosting for one year
– Free emails for one year
– Free training site to do whatever you like with
– 20% off intermediate course or private lessons

Hurry Up!

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Introduction To WordPress Course

What You Should Bring

All you need for this course is a laptop and charger. If you want to make notes, we also provide pens and paper.


Our venues are always in a professional work environment with unlimited free refreshments, such as tea, coffee, water and biscuits. You will have access to free Wifi, pens, paper, post-its and learn off a big flat-screen display.


We have quite a comprehensive course outline, which covers all the most essential features:

What is hosting?
What is cPanel?
What settings you need to know in your hosting
5 minute manual install
1 click settings
What is a WordPress theme?
Recommended WordPress themes
How to install a theme, manually + automatically
How to set up a blog
How to create different posts and add them to categories
How to set up pages
Difference between posts and pages
How to set up a sidebar
How to create links
How to add images/video/audio
How to add a gallery
Social Media
How to embed social media links
How to embed social media feeds
How to add follow buttons
What are plugins?
How to install plugins
How to use plugins to add functionality
Recommended plugins
How to moderate comments
How to disable comments
How to stop spam
Brief overview of SEO
How to create pretty URLs for SEO
Tips to improveSEO
Overview of WordPress security
How to back up your WordPress website
18th September 10am-4pm No.1 Spinningfields, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3JE £195 Book Now
24th September 10am-4pm Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street, London, E1 8FA £195 Book Now
1st October & 5th November 6.30pm-8.30pm Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street, London, E1 8FA £295 Book Now
4th October 10am-4pm Block D, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Road, Dublin D02 £195 Book Now

No.1 Spinningfields, Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3JE

Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street, London, E1 8FA

Block D, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Road, Dublin D02

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